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Fear Factor

If the word FEAR strikes the fear in you, don't worry! You are not alone! I realized lately that I have been letting fear rule my experiences in life. The unknown is very frightening to me and doing something alone that I have never done before is even more anxiety provoking. It's so much easier to sit on my couch snuggling with my dog and reading or watching television than to put myself into a situation that seems scary.

About four months ago I decided to purposefully schedule some events that I knew would be a challenge for me. I was tired of missing out on all life has to offer outside the comfort of my home. Fear was creeping in the closer I got to these events and it was affecting me physically and mentally. I almost gave up on one of my planned events because I felt so sick the day before that I couldn't get up from my couch for more than a few minutes at a time. The mind is a powerful thing and once mine had decided that what I was doing was scary it took over my whole body. I'm not even sure I could tell you why I was frightened. I was just convinced that what I was attempting was going to be harmful to me in some way.

I'm proud to say that I did make it through that event and even had another one two days later and was able to complete the task without the physical sickness. The key for me was to keep telling myself, "you can do this." It sounds simple but it really helped to convince my brain that I would survive. I still fail and sometimes chicken out but I'm doing better and not missing out on as much life as I was before. I will celebrate the wins and use the losses to teach me how to understand my responses better.

If you are struggling in life please know you're not alone. Your fears may be bigger or smaller than mine. Either way they are still important. If you need someone to talk to who understands please message me. There's no judgement here, only love and a listening ear. We can muddle through this life together and help each other along the way. If you have something you want to chat about let me know and I'll put it on my list of topics to discuss on the blog.

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